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Presenting Design

Presenting Design with Confidence

When it comes to conducting a well-orchestrated design presentation, having prior presentation experience is a false measuring stick for success. Preparedness, not experience, actually breeds the confidence needed.

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UpNext Fest

UpNext Fest 2015: Practical Design Thinking for the Modern Startup

In the fall of 2015, I was happy to be invited to speak to start-up leaders in Central PA. Note: My friend Danelle Bailey was grateful enough to post Sketchnotes of my talk. Thanks, Danelle!

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HOW Magazine “Designing to Remember: USHMM Website Redesign” (2014)

“Chris Cashdollar has many claims to designer fame. He’s worked on high profile brands such as Ford Motor Company, Verizon, Zappos and more. Among all of his success, his most recent project has proven especially meaningful.”

Collaborating with clients

Collaborating with Clients: An Interview with Chris Cashdollar (2014)

“What we look at when we put together a design process for our clients is we consider the role of education in this equation. I don’t think any more that you can just assume that client services is just going away and creating. ”

The Shakes

The Shakes, Episode 46: Veep (2014)

“Do two letters in front of your job title change that much about you? Happy Cog’s VP of Design, Chris Cashdollar, discusses that transition from working creative director to VP and what, if anything, changes. Chris also educates the gang on the Ramen Rennaisance, puts his two cents in on what happens when meetings go horribly wrong and steals Joy’s heart somewhere along the way.”

The Big Web Show

The Big Web Show, Episode 69 (2012)

“In Episode No. 69 of The Big Web Show, Happy Cog creative director Chris Cashdollar (@ccashdollar) and Jeffrey Zeldman (@zeldman) discuss the joys and challenges of redesigning typography mega-site; nimble versus waterfall; process versus inspiration; running a creative department that is interactive in every sense of the word; the two sides of a design education (learning and teaching); fostering collaboration; and the transition from doodling eight-year-old to graphic design student to interactive creative director.”

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